Technical Support

>> Large precision components, refrigeration equipment, medical equipment
Precision instruments, including various types of surveying and mapping instruments, optical instruments, and various precision components, in the course of transport must not be too much impact, because: First, they are expensive; Second, the production of various instruments very sophisticated components In a certain part of the shift or loss, after using the result is the difference between the least bit, Miao of thousands of miles.

>> Large computer systems, network information systems, electronic communications equipment
The development of electronic products with each passing day, the shape of the product trend mini, that is, light, thin, small. In addition to the appearance of aesthetic requirements, flawless, electronic products require powerful, so the internal components of the product can be said to be very fine, a small part of the shift or loss may make the product failure, so electronic products on the shock and transport Collision force requirements are higher.

>> Large-scale glass products
The maturity of the glass process, so that it's a very wide range of glass products, all-encompassing, a mirror, a variety of utensils, instruments, handicrafts, these products are very high for the appearance of the request, even a small bruising blemishes can not have . But the nature of the glass is brittle, very fragile, the surface scraping, pressure, grinding and so may have cracks and scratches, or other problems, so most of the transport packaging will be marked with care words, to prevent shock and impact Is the primary requirement for transportation.
>> Heavy-duty equipment, heavy machinery, large computer equipment, circuit boards, large batteries, hydraulic press and other products
Heavy machinery, including gearbox, gearbox, transmission equipment, gears and spare parts and some high-speed, heavy, precision transmission equipment, which placed in the delivery position, because the weight of heavy machinery itself is very heavy, if the tilt Or inverted, its own weight will make the machine deformation or fracture, as well as not available.

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