High - end electronics industry

High performance, high risk?
  Vulnerability is the fatal weakness of the electronics industry. Electronic products become smaller and smaller, more resistant to shock and vibration sensitive. Especially the high-end products and hardware.
For example, satellites often rely on laptop hard drives. Missiles, which are often transported, are bumps and drops in danger, which can damage computer parts and break fine joints or solder joints.
Just by the impact of falling, vibration and resonance there is also a serious risk. In normal transportation, electronic components or assemblies are usually subjected to 1G random vibration frequencies ranging from 3 to 50 Hz for 20 minutes. However, structural vibration with the chassis of trucks and train compartments, the vibration frequency will reach 70 Hz, and vibration from the rail joints range from 30 to 300 Hz. The frequency of vibration of the ship's bulkhead and freight planes varies from 2 Hz to 200 Hz.
Appropriate packaging, to reduce the impact of some of these vibrations and shocks. A "suitable package" designed by the package designer prevents the device from contacting the sides of the box and has sufficient elasticity to dampen shocks and vibrations.
Even if there is an adequate risk of packaging there is a risk of change in the mode of transport or environmental conditions or the threat of unexpected events - reliable packaging can do only so much. The shipper must know whether the damage occurred. When a comprehensive shock and vibration monitoring program is available, the damaged equipment can be identified prior to installation, and the risk of damage can be reduced by adjusting the logistics operations to reduce future damage.
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