Aviation industry

Strong formation also requires protection
In 2010, 42% of aircraft were exported in the United States, including 72% of civil aircraft and accessories, and exports were more common. Imports also became more common. Boeing built the 787 aircraft known as the dream aircraft, 24 countries involved in the manufacturing, making it an international aircraft.
Since these suppliers' components are shipped to the end of the assembly in Washington state, when the parts leave the factory when the appropriate packaging is very important to ensure that each component under the same conditions are intact. Obviously, the transport components are not simply put the aircraft into the warehouse, each component will be affected by some external impact, and even some parts need to be better protected.
Before assembly, the contractor will require the use of desiccant to remove moisture to avoid humidity corrosion of the fuselage, vibration will also affect the fuselage. You can imagine the importance of the airframe, any component will be subject to moisture or vibration, the fuselage is composed of many components, must ensure that all parts in the transport process is protected to ensure quality standards. Quality assurance is essential. If a component is damaged, production may be stopped or the entire fleet grounded until the cause is identified and the risk is analyzed.
Even if the re-sturdy products will also be damaged, in October 2010, Russia's backup alliance number capsule from the inside of the container on the suspension point of drop. As a result of the transport process between Moscow and Kazakhstan, rolling inside the crate, according to the space capsule of the multiple shaft and component damage.
Monitoring procedures can not prevent accidents, but he can remind engineers and shippers to reduce losses. The same principles apply to the aerospace supply chain. The monitoring process informs the shipper so as to help prevent further problems.
Whether the surface is curved or flat, ShockWatch Flex is installed directly on the product and when the product turns red, the product has exceeded its allowed acceleration bump.
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