Food Industry

Explore new markets with new logistics options
Improvements in door-to-door delivery in the logistics sector have led to the development of the chain food industry's storage and transportation, as well as the growth of the refrigerated container business. In opening up the international market more and more extensive growth.
Frozen foods and other products with longer shelf life (such as potatoes, onions, citrus), multimodal transport and international shipping, but sweets, dairy, wine and bottled water can reduce long-distance transport costs And fuel surcharges, to occupy a larger international market. Success is not simply a contract, and the transport of products, on the contrary, success depends on the products in transport to achieve a good state. This requires temperature tag monitoring.
According to the National Resources Defense Council, in the United States, 12% of the agricultural products, seafood 9.5% of seafood, and 4% of the meat distribution and retail business. Many of these problems relate to temperature. For example, seafood at 32 degrees Fahrenheit to protect its taste, texture, appearance and aroma. According to the Alaska Seafood Marketing Association, "as the temperature increases, the shelf-life of every 10 degrees Fahrenheit product decreases by half."
One of the major drawbacks of carriers in the transport process is the use of refrigerated trucks to freeze food, rather than pre-refrigerated items. Packaging experts warn that at room temperature cartons or trays are placed in refrigerated containers and may take up to four days to get to the right temperature, which will shorten the shelf life and allow the pathogens to proliferate.
The other major mistake is that it takes one and a half days for a food to be refrigerated at room temperature in a refrigerated vehicle, and the food is subject to deterioration.
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