Furniture industry

Transporting furniture is a hassle for direct consumers
  For furniture retailers, transportation is more important than anything else.
  For consumers when they buy furniture online, they want their furniture, bedding and accessories in good condition to reach. Direct-to-consumer sales are growing at about 1% per year
  Furniture during the loading and unloading or transport process will fall to the destruction of furniture and furniture to leave traces of destruction or destruction of the glass furniture. The vibration tag can alert the owner and the customer that the damage to the furniture has exceeded the set value.

  Glass tables and mirrors are particularly susceptible to damage when they are subjected to tilting and other external forces during transport. Tilt labels can remind the owner, and play a warning role, you can remind the logistics provider, you need to be careful to gently put items.
  Furniture is moldy in a humid environment or in a closed container. This is a special concern for interior decoration, the United States 36% of the furniture market is increasingly concerned about these issues. When the product is in marine environmental conditions, the humidity monitor can help the owner to be aware of environmental conditions and may be transported for a few days or weeks after the furniture is affected.
A comprehensive monitoring plan provides a measure of where improvements need to be made to managers. After a baseline is established, managers should continue to measure performance against regular performance audits.

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